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MinerMate is a unified monitor for your mining pool, hardware and software.


Automatically refreshed data to keep you in the loop, wherever you are or whatever you're doing. Get started with our free version, or upgrade to the full version for a smoother, ad-free experience.

Mining Pool Data

Connect to the API of your chosen mining pool, allowing you to view current statistics such as currency price, pending balance, recent payments and estimated hashrates.

Mining Software Data

Connect directly to supported mining software, showing you accurate hashrates, result statistics and connection information, confirming that your software is running exactly as you expect.

Hardware Monitoring

Check remotely that your mining rig is operating safely by directly connecting to Open Hardware Monitor, giving you information about temperatures, fan speeds and work loads.

Custom Filtering

Filter each data set individually using custom text-based filters. Your filters are saved automatically when you quit the app, so once the data looks right to you, it'll stay that way.

Supported Tools

Currently the following tools are supported, however integration of many more is under development. If you would like to suggest tools for future support, then feel free to contact the developers using the form below.

Mining Pools

  • Nanopool
  • Hash Vault
  • Ethermine, Ethpool and Flypool
  • Spacepool
  • F2Pool

Hardware Monitor

  • Open Hardware Monitor

Mining Software

  • xmr-stak by fireice-uk

Contact Us

If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, please contact the developers using this form.